Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Crazy Good Meal At Cowboys And Turbans

On a vibrant weekday night, I headed over with two of my friends to Silverlake to dine at one of my favorite fusion restaurants, Cowboys and Turbans. Since it was freezing cold outside, we opted to dine inside and sat in a cozy booth. The restaurant smelled of Indian and Mexican spices, which was very pleasant. Since the restaurant does serve meat, unfortunately, there was a slightly smoky scent, but thankfully not too unbearable.

We began the meal with a few appetizers. The first appetizer we had was the Cauliflower Samosa ($6).

The samosa was very crispy and had a lovely cauliflower mixture, which was moderately spiced. I really liked the curry flavor of the cauliflower and how there were a few crunchy bits.

Next, we had the Spinach Samosa ($6).

This samosa was very similar to the other, in having a perfectly crispy interior from being deep fried. The inside was almost as spicy, but had a more creamy texture from the spinach. It was also softer and easier to chew than the cauliflower samosa.

Next, we had the Potatoes and Cauliflower Pakoras ($7).

The pakoras were great. The batter had a lovely seasoning and was deep-fried to perfection. The vegetables inside were so luscious and juicy and had such a great flavor.

Next, we had the Aloo Gobi Quesadilla ($11).

This quesadilla was fantastic. The potatoes were so soft and delectable and had a wonderful seasoning. The daiya cheese was very melty and took on the flavors of the curry. The tortilla was slightly crispy and easy to chew.

Next, we had some Tofu Tacos ($6).

These tacos were very delicious. The tofu was very meaty and had a savory taste. There was a variety of chutneys which provided a mixture of heat and sweetness. The taco shells were warm and crunchy and took on the flavors of the spices very well. The avocados added a rich, buttery taste and took the dish over the top.

Our last entree was a pizza, which was half Mixed Vegetable and half Aloo Gobi ($11).

The pizza was phenomenal. I appreciated that the waitress told us we could do half and half, since we debated over which one to try. The mixed vegetable half was very good. The vegetables were well-cooked and the masala sauce had wonderful spicy notes. The pizza was loaded with gooey daiya cheese. The aloo gobi half was also very tasty. The curry worked well on the pizza and the soft bread sopped up the flavor well.

Lastly, we had a side of Kachumbre Salad ($7).

This was a great accompaniment to the meal, since it was so cooling and refreshing. It counteracted the spices and prevented our mouths from an intense burning. The vegetables were crisp and fresh tasting.

Overall, the meal was spectacular. The food was so flavorful and I loved the blend of Indian and Mexican seasonings, which complimented one another so well. Since we used a Groupon voucher for $15 for $30 worth of food, the meal was under $20 a person. This was a pretty good deal, considering the amount of food we got!

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