Friday, February 8, 2013

Some Newsworthy Drinks At Newsroom Cafe

On a warm January night, my friends and I headed to Robertson blvd to check out a famous establishment called Newsroom Cafe. We got there just as they were about to close so the restaurant was empty and the staff seemed tired and ready to call it a night. Thankfully, they still let us order some delicious smoothies and juices. I had an expiring Amazon Local deal for $10 for $20 worth of juices and smoothies.

For my smoothie, I ordered the Serenity Date Shake ($5.50).

This drink was spectacular. It was so creamy and frothy that I was actually a bit surprised that it was purely made of fruit. The shake primarily tasted of bananas, but had a subtle date flavor. The orange juice added a slight acidity, while the peaches mellowed it out. 

My friends and I all shared the Moon Juice ($5.50).

I was a little nervous about this juice, but I ended up really enjoying it. The honeydew was so sweet and succulent, which was perfectly balanced by the sour lime. I loved the contrast of these flavors and it worked so well.

Overall, we all really enjoyed our juices. My friends raved about theirs and I found the flavors of the shake and juice lingering on my tongue for a while after. The drinks were very light and refreshing and actually helped me sleep better that night. I am hoping Newsroom Cafe has another deal in the near future, as I would love to return again for more juices and smoothies.

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