Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Squeaky Clean Meal At Sun Cafe

I've noticed lately that a lot of my favorite raw food places have been closing. First, Cru sadly closed its doors. Next, Better Life Cuisine bit the dust. While some new raw restaurants have come to take their place, I still find myself craving something familiar. Thankfully, Sun Cafe in Studio City has weathered the storm and judging by the full tables, it seems that it's here to stay. I dined there recently with some friends and enjoyed everything we ordered.

We began with a Lettuce Taco, which I received for free with my Green Menu membership.

I was a little upset that this was so small, but only because it was just that delicious. The lettuce was very crisp and absorbed the flavors well. The savory meat was mildly spiced and the cashew cheese was so creamy and luscious. The avocado was rich and buttery, while the tomatos were succulent.

Next, we had the Sun Nachos ($12), which is my favorite menu item, and a must for every visit.

The chips were crispy and warm from the oven. The cashew cheese was liquidy, yet formed small globs in certain places. It had a slight kick to it. The guacamole was heavenly and had such a rich flavor. The cabbage and olives added a lovely bitterness, which the juicy soyrizo and jalapeno spices burned in my mouth. 

Next, we had the Mac & Cheese ($14).

This is seriously the best mac and cheese I've ever had, vegan or not. The quinoa pasta was slightly doughy and pillowy. The cashew cheese sauce had a wonderful saltiness and a cheddar flavor, without the artificial taste. The pecan cheese on top really took the dish over the top, adding a light, nutty flavor.

Next, we had the Roasted Vegetable Curry ($13).

I was a little nervous to try this, since it deviates from the normal curry. I found it a little odd that quinoa was being served as an accompaniment instead of the traditional rice, but I actually found that the nutty flavor of the quinoa complimented the sweet and salty flavors of the curry. The yellow curry itself was mild in spiciness. The sweet potatoes, tomatoes, and bell peppers added a wonderful succulent flavor, while the onions and spinach contrasted with a bitterness. There was a dollop of cashew cream which made this dish a real standout.

Overall, the meal was very good. I was completely stuffed, yet satisfied (as I often am after eating healthy food). It was a little odd that we ordered almost all cooked food, yet each dish had elements of raw food in them. We did not have much of a discount, unfortunately, so the meal was a little on the expensive side. With tax and tip, we each paid $15. I am hoping Sun Cafe participates in more deals in the future so I can visit more often!

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