Sunday, July 31, 2011

An Adventurous Evening At Amwaj

I cannot speak highly enough of Amwaj. While this place is not Vegan, the food can easily compete in the high ranks of established Vegan restaurants. In addition, the ambiance is quite charming and greatly contributes to the flavorful food. On my last visit, my friend and I decided to dine inside, since the air had a bite to it and the interior felt even more cozy. We had a great view of the restaurant from our seats and the lighting was perfect.

While we debated about what to order on the entirely separate extensive Vegan menu, we placed an order for some Amwaj Peppers ($7).

These were so heavenly and I cannot even begin to emphasize how delicious they were. The flavoring was so exotic and unlike anything I've had in the past. The red bell peppers were soft and luscious and so juicy. They were filled with a delightful assortment of savory white beans sprinkled with a delicate seasoning. The grilled onions were perfectly sauteed, with a very slight crispiness. The dish was coated in a very sweet molasses sauce that was so scrumptious. It contrasted the stuffing beautifully. The bell peppers sopped up the sauce very well, although I found myself licking the plate to get any remnants.

Next, our entrees came out. We ordered the Chicken Almandine ($16) and Assorted Tortellini ($14). I first tried the tortellini.

This was pretty good. I found the pasta to be too soft and pillowy. It did not seem to hold together very well and lacked a successful egg replacer. The interior, nevertheless, was fantastic. It was an artichoke-sundried tomato concoction that was the perfect blend of sweet, salty and savory. The marinara sauce really took it over the top, as the chunky tomatoes were very fresh and juicy. There was also a great mixture of oil and seasonings.

Lastly, I tried the Chicken Almandine.

I also enjoyed this dish very much. Parts of the chicken were a little overcooked, thus tasted crunchy. Nevertheless, the chicken itself had such a great texture and was slightly chewy and easy to eat. It had a lovely stuffing consisting of wild rice and mixed vegetables. The almond-crusted coating tasted delicious and was very savory. It was seasoned so well and very flavorful. The mashed potatoes accompanying the dish were very creamy, with a light spice. The roasted vegetables were also very appetizing, as they were soft and delicate and well-seasoned.

Overall, I really loved the meal. Of course, Amwaj still has room to improve, especially with the consistency of their pasta dishes. However, everything is so wonderfully spiced and seasoned and the dishes truly taste unique. I am willing to make the commute for this place, as the food is consistently superb. With my $25 gift certificate, we each spent just under $11 with tax and tip. This place is normally on the pricey side, but the food is definitely worth it!

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