Saturday, July 2, 2011

An Awesome Dinner At Amwaj

It's funny how Amwaj has suddenly become my new favorite Vegan-friendly restaurant and I have found myself constantly craving their food. They have such an inventive menu for an establishment that does not primarily focus on Vegan food. Nevertheless, their Vegan menu is fairly large and consists of a wide variety of options. My friend and I ventured to the restaurant earlier this week on a balmy evening, with our $25 gift certificate in hand. We opted to sit on the elegant patio and enjoy the refreshing weather.

The atmosphere was very serene, which was further enhanced by the scrumptious food. I felt so relaxed and enjoyed every bite. My dining partner and I decided to share everything, so we could experience the variety of flavors and spices Amwaj uses in each of their lovely dishes. 

We ordered the Jambalaya ($17) and Pesto Chicken ($11) as our entrees.

I first tried the Jambalaya. 

This was delicious and so perfectly spiced. The assorted soy chicken and sausage pieces worked so well together and were very savory and seasoned very well. They were not too chewy, but rather mimicked their meaty counterparts beautifully. The jambalaya was very tasty as well, with a slight spiciness and had a strong tomato flavor. 

Next, I had the Pesto Chicken.

This was very good as well. There was a soft, luscious mashed potato concoction on top of the chicken dish, which added a slightly sweet flavor to the perfectly salted pesto. The dish was very oily and tasted quite fattening. The chicken pieces were well cooked, with a light seasoning. The pesto sauce coated the chicken very well. Overall, the dish was so heavenly and I would definitely order it again.

Lastly, we ordered dessert. We chose a scoop of the Chocolate Ice Cream ($8).

This ice cream was very delicious and while it was quite expensive at $8, the portion was fairly generous. The ice cream was rich and creamy and had a mousse-like consistency. It was very chocolatey and decadent. There was a strong taste of liquor, which balanced out the sweetness perfectly. 

I seriously cannot wait to go back to Amwaj. If the restaurant wasn't so far from my house, I would be there every week. I am excited to return and try more of their amazing menu items. I have only been there three times, but the food has been consistent every visit. With the gift certificate, the meal only cost $10 a person (with tax and tip included). This is such a great deal. I cannot stress how great is and I'm so glad so many great Vegan (or Vegan-friendly) restaurants participate. 

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