Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Simple Dinner At Sage Bistro

Last week, I reunited with a friend I had not seen for a while at one of LA's newest and hottest Vegan restaurants, Sage Bistro in Silverlake. Every time I've dined there, the restaurant has always been bustling, yet the atmosphere remains relaxed and serene, representative of the bohemian area in which it is located. Since it was a Friday night, the wait was fairly long. My friend and I both felt awkward standing in the tiny waiting area, cramped between the ice cream display case and the refrigerator.

I was so excited when we were finally seated, and I immediately scanned the eclectic menu. Since the offerings are so inventive and all sound so intriguing, I found much difficulty in making a decision about what to order. I finally settled on the Soul Bowl ($10), since it had a nice variety of flavors and textures. I decided to keep the meal simple and not order an appetizer or dessert. The entrees at Sage are fairly large portions and are both filling and satisfying.

The Soul Bowl was very delicious. It contained a variety of fresh, crispy vegetables, lightly fried. There was a savory sauce delicately coating each vegetable, providing a slight spice and saltiness to the dish. There were large chunks of luscious sweet potato that were perfectly roasted and softened. The juicy tomatoes and corn provided an extra sweetness to the dish. My favorite part of the bowl was the fried macaroni and cheese balls coated in a mild spicy horseradish sauce. The macaroni and cheese was very creamy and had a slightly nutty flavor, while the horseradish added a kick to the dish. The only part of the dish that I did not enjoy was the grilled polenta. This was way overcooked and ended up tasting like crunchy, chewy plastic. It left an odd taste in my mouth.

Overall, I really enjoyed the dinner. I regret not ordering a dessert, especially after the disappointing polenta in my dish. My friend and I used a 50% off coupon from Scout Mob, which made our meal only cost $6 a person with tax and tip. It was such a great deal, considering the food is presented in an elegant manner and the ingredients are so high quality. What I enjoy about Sage Bistro most, is that the food is so tasty and is not reliant on processed ingredients. The food is truly healthy and flavorful. It not only shatters the misconception that Vegan food tastes disgusting, but shows that Vegans are classy and revel in fine dining.

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