Friday, July 8, 2011

A Decadent Buffet At Doomie's Home Cookin'

One of my favorite Vegetarian restaurants, Doomie's Home Cookin' sadly had an electrical fire a few weeks ago. When I heard of the news, I was devastated, fearing that I would never enjoy their delicious food again. I was so excited when they announced an all-you-can-eat buffet on the fourth of July. I immediately cleared my calendar to ensure I would make it. Doomie's has such amazing comfort food that pleases both carnivores and herbivores alike and brings a sense of nostalgia to the diner.

My friends and I arrived at the buffet a little after 4 pm, and there was already what seemed like a never ending line. We waited about 45 minutes before we were finally admitted to the buffet and I am pleased to say it was definitely worth it. There was such a great variety of food and it was all very scrumptious. Unfortunately, we missed the taquitos, which I had been dreaming about all day. Nevertheless, the food lived up to my high expectations and everything was very tasty.

For my first plate, I had some salad, coleslaw and a creamy pesto pasta.

The salad was great and was coated in a creamy dressing that was very sweet but had a subtle tanginess. My favorite, of course, was the pasta in a pesto sauce, which tasted very garlicky and was so creamy. I found myself wanting more of this, but every time it came out, there was a swarm of people rushing to the buffet line, attacking one another for the chance at more deliciousness.

My next plate consisted of some dirty "chorizo" rice, a fruit cocktail, fennel glazed carrots, sloppy joe's, and pot roast.

This plate was comfort food at its best. It had such an assortment of flavors, from the sweet pieces of luscious fruit and sugary glazed carrots to the savory, meaty sloppy joes. The rice was also fantastic, with juicy chorizo pieces that were perfectly seasoned. The pot roast had a smooth, thick gravy that was beautifully salted and seemed to match the flavor of its meaty counterpart well.

Next, I had one of my favorite dishes from Doomie's, capellini in pink sauce.

The sauce was so rich and creamy, with a strong taste of tomatoes. It was sweet and heavenly. There were also chunks of delectable, juicy tomato that made the pasta dish even more amazing. In addition, there were small pieces of onion, that gave the dish a slight bitterness, contrasting the sweetness perfectly.

While I missed out on a lot of the dishes, I did get some leftovers on Wednesday night. The most memorable dish I had was the Southern-style macaroni and cheese, along with the hamburger helper macaroni and cheese.

This was so creamy and tasted very cheesy. Doomie's mimics the non-Vegan dish so perfectly that I would never guess it was actually Vegan. They perfectly capture the saltiness and richness of the cheese sauce. The hamburger helper gave the macaroni a more meaty flavor, and the chewy texture complimented the soft macaroni very well.

I am so glad Doomie's had this buffet and even though I didn't get to try a lot of the offerings, I still fully enjoyed myself. My stomach felt happy, although a bit weighed down by the oil from all the food. It was such a great deal and only cost $10 for a ton of delicious food. I really hope Doomie's has another buffet soon. My stomach is growling just thinking about it.

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