Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Lazy Week of Vegin' Out

I cannot profess my love for Vegan meal delivery services often enough, especially one of my favorites, Vegin' Out. If it wasn't for this amazing company, I would be living off frozen food most nights, since I lack any culinary skills. Lucky for me, Vegin' Out's food is both nutritious and delicious and is so reasonably priced. It's so nice to have food waiting for me in the fridge after a busy day that I can easily pop in the microwave for a mere 1-2 minutes and then pass it off as home cooked. Vegin' Out seems to have constant deals on Groupon-like sites and I recently purchased a voucher for $58 for a week's worth of food from Living Social. I was excited to redeem it on a week that I felt incredibly lazy, due to the heat of the summer. That week also featured enticing options that made me drool just reading the menu on Vegin' Out's website. When I received my order in the early afternoon, I dug into the bag, anxious to try everything, but willing myself to make it last 9-10 days.

I first tried the Zucchini Lemongrass soup.

The soup was very good and had a creamy consistency. The zucchini flavor was very overpowering, with the taste of lemongrass being very subtle. It had a light spice and excellent seasoning. I found it very refreshing, especially on a hot day.

Next, I tried the Oven Roasted Broccoli and Carrots.

The vegetables were soft and delectable and easy to chew. It had a very light seasoning with a mild flavor. I found it to be a little bland and lacking salt.

Next, I had the Edamame and White Beans.

This was excellent and was perfectly seasoned. It had a light coating of oil and had such great textures, from the soft, delicate edamame and white beans to the crunchy pieces of toasted peanuts. The dish was fairly salty, but had a slight sweetness to balance it out.

Next, I had the Roasted Reds.

This was my favorite side dish and was so well-cooked and seasoned. The potatoes were very oily and were mildly spiced. The texture was perfect, as they were soft to the touch and crumbled inside my mouth.

Next, I had the Quinoa Pilaf.

I really did not enjoy this dish at all. The quinoa was too hard and did not have any flavor at all. In fact, it tasted a little bitter. The assorted vegetables were not cooked very well and were difficult to eat. This definitely could have used some spices and seasonings.

Next, I tried the entrees. Vegin' Out's strong suit is their main courses, which are all very flavorful and quite inventive.

The first entree I had was the Santa Fe Penne.

This was delicious and while I normally do not like whole wheat pasta, I really enjoyed this dish. The pasta and assorted vegetables were soft and delectable. They were generously coated in a savory sauce that seemed like a combination of a creamy pesto sauce with a touch of chipotle. The dish had a very mild spice to it.

Next, I had the Blackened Tofu Sweet Potatoes and Corn.

This dish was decent. The sweet potatoes and corn had a light spice and were beautifully seasoned. They were cooked very well and were soft and easy to chew. The tofu, however, tasted a little bland and was rubbery. It did not seem to fit the dish. I would have preferred softer, more luscious tofu chunks or perhaps some juicy pieces of seitan.

Lastly, I had the Coconut Curry Chickpeas.

I loved this dish. It was so creamy and had a lovely, mild spice. I would have preferred it to be a little spicier, but it was fine how it was. The chickpeas were very delectable and the juicy slivers of bell peppers added a slight sweetness to the dish.

Last but not least were the Chocolate Pretzel cookies.

Vegin' Out's cookies are truly the best that I've ever had. The chocolate pretzel cookie was no exception. It had a slight crunchiness reminiscent of a pretzel and was very chocolatey. It had an excellent sweetness with a slight buttery taste.

Overall, I really enjoyed my week's worth of meals. I always find myself preferring certain dishes over others, but this is a great learning experience for me for ordering in the future. The side dishes are not as outstanding as the entrees and I really wish that Vegin' Out would add more spices and flavorings to these. I would also like to see them be a little more experimental with their side dishes. In addition, some dishes do not freeze as well as others and end up becoming watery as a result. Nevertheless, I felt very satisfied after eating each dish and looked forward to every meal. I cannot wait to order more food from Vegin' Out and am seriously hoping they will be having another deal soon.

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