Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Peaceful Dinner At Peace O' Pie

On my second night back to my hometown of Boston, I headed to Peace O' Pie, one of the few completely vegan pizzerias in the country. This place is a true gem, offering an array of faux meats and cheeses. They can pretty much veganize any pizza you desire and make it even tastier than the non-vegan version. Furthermore, it's totally guilt-free, as they use the highest quality ingredients. Since Peace O' Pie is nestled in a college town and caters primarily to poor college students, they constantly have deals and specials. On my last visit, we used a Buy With Me voucher for $8 for $16 worth of food and drink.

First, we had a large The MD pizza ($20).

This is one of my favorite pizzas at Peace O' Pie. The tomato sauce is laid on very thinly and has a sweet flavoring. The toppings accompany one another perfectly, from the savory chunks of juicy soy sausage to the soft, garlicky zucchini pieces to the slightly salty, luscious caramelized onion strips. The pizza definitely has a smoky, meaty flavoring with a lovely sprinkling of spices. The daiya cheese is beautifully melted and mimics dairy cheese perfectly in its ability to stretch.

Next we had a medium The Neapolitan pizza ($16).

This pizza was equally delicious. It complemented The MD very well, as it had a sweeter flavor. The tomatoes were very juicy and fresh tasting. The crumbles of homemade tofu ricotta had a lovely subtle sweet taste with a hint of saltiness. There was a wonderful basil seasoning mixed in the ricotta that added a light spice.

Overall, I loved the meal. I seriously want to export Peace O' Pie to Los Angeles so I can enjoy their food year round. Their pizzas are so flavorful and the bread is perfect, being both doughy and crispy. My non-vegan parents also really enjoyed the meal. The pizzas did not taste vegan at all and could easily fool any meat eater. The best part of Peace O' Pie is definitely their affordability, as they are so reasonably priced with or without a deal. They have specials every day, with the best one being a Reverse Happy Hour, where you can buy a pizza and get one free. With our deal voucher, we spent about $36, which included drinks. I cannot wait to return for some more delicious pizza.


  1. I didn't know you were from Boston! I grew up about 30 miles West of it and went to Emerson. Haven't been to this place since it was TJ Scalleywaggles - keep meaning to but I always miss the gluten-free day!

  2. Oh, awesome! I never went to TJ Scalleywaggles so I'm not sure how it compares, but Peace O' Pie is definitely a must! Yeah, I'm from the Boston-area. That's really cool you are too!