Saturday, September 3, 2011

Some Sweet Cake Pops At Sweet E's

A few months ago, I had a lovely experience at Sweet E's bakeshop with their mini vegan cupcakes. When I recently saw they had another deal for cake pops, I knew I had to snatch a voucher for myself. I had never heard of a cake pop before, but it sounded so delicious. Essentially, it's a combination of a lollipop and a cupcake and is just as amazing as it sounds. It took me three tries before I was able to get the cake pops, as Sweet E's does not always have the vegan ones in stock. It was totally worth the wait.

The cake pops came so beautifully wrapped that I could not bear to mess them up. I unwrapped them very carefully, so as not to ruin it too much. Underneath all the packaging were delectably decorated cake pops, emanating a sweet aroma.

I first tried the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. I ordered two of these.

This was delicious. It had a lovely chocolate frosting on the outside, with a soft, gooey cookie dough interior. The chocolate chips provided an even richer taste and were very crunchy.

Next, I had the Red Velvet cake pop. I also ordered two of these.

This cake pop was also very tasty. The frosting was sweet, but also had a slightly salty taste that balanced it out nicely. It mimicked a cream cheese frosting nicely. The interior was a fantastic chocolate cake, with a subtle taste of bean. I love that the cake pop combined both sweet and savory flavors that complimented one another perfectly.

Next, I had the Dark Chocolate cake pop.

This cake pop was very good, although it was a little too much of a chocolate overload. Nevertheless, the frosting worked quite well with the cake, as it wasn't overly sweet, but had a slightly bitter flavor. The sprinkles added a great texture, although I preferred the chocolate chips better.

Lastly, I had the Vanilla White Chocolate.

This was quite possibly my favorite of them all. White chocolate is my favorite flavor and I was so excited that Sweet E's carries the vegan version. The cake pop was so decadent and creamy. I could not believe it was vegan. The interior was just as luscious and was very soft and slightly gooey. The rainbow  sprinkled dots added an extra sweetness and a very subtle crunchiness.

Overall, I really enjoyed the cake pops. I love that the frosting was so rich and dense and the cake was moist and gooey. I also found the cake pops to be more enjoyable to eat than a cupcake and more flavorful than a lollipop. It truly combined the best of both. Normally, the cake pops cost $3 a piece, but with the discount they only cost $1.50 a pop ($9 in total). I will definitely be back for more and my hope is that vegan cake pops will go viral.

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