Monday, May 23, 2011

A Very Sweet Experience At Sweet E's Bakeshop

My obsession for cupcakes is fairly recent and seems to be intensifying with the many cupcake shops popping up and carrying vegan options. I have found the vegan offerings taste even better than their non-vegan counterparts, which I find to be a bit surprising. It seems the lack of egg and dairy actually significantly improves the flavor. I also feel so much better putting less crap into my body and never feel as disgusting eating a vegan cupcake as I did a non-vegan one. I was excited when Sweet E's Bakeshop opened and even more excited when a couple months ago, they decided to have a Groupon deal. I loved that they carry a wide array of dessert options and have innovative flavor options. They even have a mobile truck that is perfect for days that I'm too lazy to drive very far.

A couple weeks ago, I redeemed my Groupon for $11 for a dozen mini-cupcakes at their Beverlywood storefront. Unfortunately, it was late on a Sunday afternoon and they did not have many vegan options. Since the Groupon was close to expiring and I did not have much time during the week to return, I ordered what they had: ten Chocolate Lover's and two Vanilla Vanilla.

I opened the box to eat a Chocolate Lover's first, since there were so many of them.

The Chocolate Lover was so delicious and decadent. I do not normally like chocolate cake, so I dreaded having so many of this type.

Nevertheless, Sweet E's somehow made the chocolate cake in the cupcake not only bearable but so rich and decadent. It was very moist and only slightly cakey. The frosting on top was even better and was so chocolatey and not overly sweet. It was also not as creamy as frostings typically can be and had a denser consistency. I really enjoyed this cupcake, although I would loved for there to have been more flavors to balance the chocolate out.

My favorite cupcake was the Vanilla Vanilla and I was sad there were only two of these.

The cake was very soft and moist and had a rich, buttery taste. The frosting on top was slightly creamy and very sweet. It really balanced the cupcake out, especially with the addition of crunchy, sugary sprinkles. I found this cupcake to be even more flavorful than the chocolate cupcake, although both were very delicious.

Overall, I loved these cupcakes. I only wish I was able to try more flavors, although the cupcakes I had were quite satisfying. I really like that the cupcakes were smaller than a typical cupcake, as they were more portion controlled. I also found this to be a great deal with each cupcake costing less than $1. I will definitely be back, if only to try more amazing varieties.

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