Monday, May 16, 2011

A Very Vegan Frappy Hour Experience

Last week, I attended the Frappuccino Happy Hour at Starbucks almost every day and it provided a great afternoon refreshment. The beverages were just as creamy as I remember and tasted just like the non-vegan version I used to drink religiously. I was excited to order my beloved favorites and also try some new offerings. I was definitely not disappointed and only wish Frappy Hour could have been extended a few extra days so I could enjoy more.

On day one, I opted for the tall soy mocha coconut frappuccino, which is a new addition to the frappuccino menu.

This was so delicious and quickly has become my new favorite frappuccino. It was very rich and decadent and had a strong chocolate flavor. The taste of coconut was also dominant and went really well with the mocha flavoring. There was a touch of chocolate syrup on top with a sprinkling of toasted coconut pieces that took the drink over the top.

On day two, I ordered the tall soy mocha frappuccino.

The mocha frappuccino was very creamy and decadent and had a strong chocolately flavor and was even sweeter than the mocha coconut frapp. There was also a hint of coffee, which added a slightly bitter taste. I wish the barista had topped the drink with chocolate syrup, but it still tasted great regardless.

On day three, I ordered one of my prior favorites, the tall soy caramel frappuccino.

This was very creamy and had a rich caramel flavoring. There was a hint of coffee and notes of chocolate. The beverage was very decadent and tasted very heavenly.

On day four, I decided to order the tall mocha coconut frappuccino again.

This was just as good as it was on the first day. It tasted a little more chocolately, however, and the coconuts were not as crispy.

On day five, I opted for the tall soy strawberries and cream frappuccino.

I was very conflicted about this drink. It seemed to be a cross between a smoothie and a milkshake but could not make up its mind. It was very creamy but had an artificial flavor. The drink was refreshing yet was too rich and felt bubbly inside my stomach.

I really enjoyed Frappy Hour and cannot wait for it again next year (although I hope they do another one sooner). I used a registered Starbucks gift card, which made the cost of soy milk free. Each drink ended up costing less than $2, which was a really great deal. I am so happy Starbucks is offering these vegan alternatives that are just as creamy and decadent as their nonvegan counterparts.

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