Monday, May 30, 2011

Meatless Mondays At Whole Foods

Whole Foods has always been my favorite grocery store for Vegan goods but I hate how overpriced they can be. Of course, their products are so high quality and delicious, so in a way, I guess their prices are justified. Nevertheless, they still have good deals and infrequent sales, though these price cuts are not advertised very well. It takes a keen eye to spot their discounts or just a bargain hunter who is constantly seeking deals. My new favorite deal is their take on the growing phenomenon, Meatless Mondays. In their prepared food section, there are three ever-changing Vegetarian/Vegan options that are $1-2 off a pound. While this might not seem like much of a discount, it does in fact make the meal significantly cheaper. And, for people like me who cringe at the thought of cooking, it makes for an easy, convenient meal.

A couple Mondays ago, I ordered both Vegan options to see how they fared. The dishes were Asian BBQ Tofu ($1 off a pound) and Lemon Herb Tofu ($2 off a pound). I opted for each to be filled in small containers. The total came out to about $5 and was very filling.

First, I tried the Asian BBQ tofu.

This was delicious and my favorite of the two. It had a slightly sweet glaze and was lightly spiced. The tofu was very soft, but slightly chewy. There was a subtle saltiness to it and the sauce was so scrumptious. In addition, there was a slightly charcoal taste from being cooked on a grill.

Next, I had the Lemon Herb Tofu.

I enjoyed this, but it seemed to be lacking something. It was very flavorful and the sauce was very creamy and well-spiced. It was a bit too garlicky and the taste of lemon was very dominant. I would have liked there to have been a sweetness to balance out the taste of herbs. The tofu in this dish was also very well cooked and was soft and luscious.

I was very pleased with my Whole Foods Meatless Monday experience, and I cannot wait to try more of their offerings. I hope they will have more variety in the future, as I was a bit overwhelmed by all the tofu. I am still glad there was a contrast in the sauces of the dishes and I was able to experience different flavors. I am so glad Whole Foods has the deal and is encouraging their customers to Go Veg, even if only for one day of the week.

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