Monday, May 2, 2011

A Fitting Name for Yummy Cupcakes

One of the biggest challenges I faced making the transition from vegetarian to vegan was a struggle to find a vegan dessert that didn't taste disgusting. The few I had tried lacked much flavor and were either way too sugary or overly dry. I now have come to realize those were merely bad apples and had I given up that easily on finding a great vegan dessert, I might still be consuming animal products to this day. It is very fortunate that I am determined to discover tasty food and thus in my journey as a vegan, and those days leading up to it, I have found that many vegan desserts can be as satisfying and sometimes even more delicious than their non-vegan counterparts. This was the case in my recent week of cupcake eating.

A few months ago, I bought a groupon voucher for $10 for half a dozen cupcakes at Yummy Cupcakes. While their vegan menu was quite massive and seemed to have close to a hundred varieties, they only carried two vegan options a day. The groupon required the order to be placed twenty four hours in advance. After looking at the calendar listing each day's choices, I decided on a day that had apple pie and coconut. I ventured over to Yummy Cupcakes, excited to see how my cupcakes turned out.

Just from a quick waft of the aroma from the delectable cupcakes, I knew I was in for a treat. As I opened the box, I was a bit surprised to see the cupcakes were larger than I imagined. They looked so elegant and seemed more appropriate for a wedding than sitting in the fridge in my cramped apartment.

That evening, I anxiously ate the coconut cupcake. The cake was so moist and had a rich buttery flavor. The icing was sweet and creamy to match and had notes of vanilla. There were layers of lightly toasted coconut pieces that added a slight crunchiness to the smooth icing and base. This cupcake was delicious and while I am not normally a huge fan of coconut, I really enjoyed it.

The apple pie cupcake was definitely my favorite and I'm so glad I got four of them. The cake was also very soft and moist and had a light cinnamon taste. There were small chunks of apples that were delicately baked in. The icing on top was very rich and decadent with a buttercream mixed with a hint of cinnamon. The cupcake had just the right amount of sweetness that made it taste like true perfection.

This was my first time at Yummy Cupcakes and although I've always wanted to try their cupcakes, I found myself deterred by their priciness. Each cupcake normally cost $3.25 but with the discount cost $1.67. I am so glad the groupon introduced me to this place and although I probably won't be placing a large order anytime soon, I love that I have a new place I can buy a delicious dessert. Nevertheless, I really hope they'll be offering up another discount soon and I can't wait to try more of their unique flavors!

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