Friday, May 13, 2011

A Creative Dinner At Kreation Kafe

On a balmy Friday night, my friend and I met to dine at Kreation Kafe in Santa Monica. I was excited to see the menu had a fair amount of vegan options and even a couple dessert selections. I decided to order a few Tapas, as they sounded enticing and I desired a sampling of various dishes. I had a $10 gift certificate which required me to spend a minimum of $20. The restaurant was pretty expensive, since they use high quality, organic ingredients, thus it was quite easy for me to spend a lot.

I began the meal with a Persian Garden Cucumber Salad ($6).

The salad was very light and refreshing. The vegetables were very crisp and well-seasoned. There was a very slight spice and the oily vinaigrette added a creamy texture and slight tanginess. There was also a garnish of walnuts, which added an extra crunch.

Next, I had a quinoa salad ($8).

This was also very light but quite flavorful. There was a very subtle sweetness to the quinoa and the vegetables were well-cooked and lightly seasoned. The cilantro garnish added a slight spice and was very cooling.

Lastly, I had bruschetta ($7), which was probably my favorite.

The tomatoes were coated in a layer of oil and were very well-seasoned and spiced. The basil garnish was very light and a great contrast to the sweet tomatoes. There was also a hint of garlic, which greatly enhanced the flavor. The accompanying celery was very crisp and went well with the soft tomato mixture.

The bread accompanying the bruschetta was well toasted and very crunchy. It sopped up the tomato mixture very well and was also a great contrast to the soft, oily tomatoes.

The waiter also brought out some pita bread, which worked really well when the bread was gone. I enjoyed rolling the tomato mixture in, although the pita was quite chewy.

Overall, I really enjoyed my meal. Each dish was so flavorful, yet remained very healthy. Afterwards, I felt very satisfied and energized. With the discount, I only paid about $16, which was definitely worth it considering the amount of delicious, organic food I ate. I will definitely be back and next time hope to try their chocolatey desserts.

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