Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Calm Dinner At Coral Tree Cafe

Coral Tree Cafe is the perfect place to spend a relaxing evening studying and people watching under the lush coral trees. The atmosphere is calming and tranquil, especially on warm summer nights. Even in the winter, there are heat lamps to enjoy the lovely ambiance. Google offers recently had a deal for $6 for $12 at Coral Tree. I headed over to the Brentwood location to enjoy some delicious food and coffee while getting some work done.

I began the meal with a small Banana Latte with Soy milk ($4.25).

The banana latte was a perfect treat and a lovely compliment to my meal. There was a sweet banana flavor with a hint of caramel taste. The coffee beans added a slight bitter contrast. The drink was very creamy with a touch of foam on top.

For dinner, I had the only vegan sandwich: the Veggie Wrap with Housemade Hummus ($10).

The wrap was very good. The bread was very soft, contrasting the crunchy vegetables. The hummus was smooth and creamy and had a wonderful tahini flavor. There was a slightly creamy dressing with a tangy, citrusy taste. The avocado pieces added a rich flavor and absorbed the hummus very well. There was a lovely salad accompanying the sandwich, coated in a sweet balsamic dressing.

Overall, the meal was very good. The food and beverages at Coral Tree Cafe are delicious, although the portions are a little small for the cost. Nevertheless, the ingredients are high quality and organic. I was a little frustrated that the soy milk cost 75 cents extra for my latte, since it discourages customers from eating healthier. I also was saddened that there are so few vegan options at a cafe that preaches healthy, organic food. With my google vouchers offer, the meal only cost about $9. I probably won't return to Coral Tree Cafe again unless they have another offer or expand their vegan options.

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