Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Celebrating Chinese New Year At Golden China

On Chinese New Year, my friend and I ventured to Golden China to celebrate by having a traditional Chinese feast, vegan style. With a $25 gift certificate in hand, we ordered a meal fit for a family of five.

First, we had the most amazing hot and sour soup ($6.55).

I cannot rave about this soup enough. The broth was mere perfection and was so tangy, with a savory beef flavor. The vegetables and tofu bits were so soft and delicate, they melted in my mouth as I slurped the soup down.

Next, we had the Egg Rolls ($5). This is apparently the only appetizer that is vegan, despite that on my last visit we were told the Fried Bean Curd was also vegan. Evidently, this was not true.

The egg rolls were not only gigantic (as all of the portions are at Golden China) but also very delicious. The outside was very flaky and crispy and the interior was filled with a lightly spiced, delectable vegetable mixture. The plum sauce was my favorite part, as it was so sweet and a lovely contrast to the spiciness of the rolls.

Next, we had the Kung Pao Chinese Cabbage ($9).

This was wonderful. The cabbage was soft and easy to chew and had a slightly bitter flavor. The sauce was fantastic was spicy with a subtle soy sauce flavor. The chili peppers intensified the heat.

Next, we had the Chicken With Hot Bean Sauce ($11).

This dish had fairly similar flavors as the kung pao cabbage dish, but was way spicier. The bean sauce was also more dominant and had a slightly tangy taste. The chicken was well-cooked and slightly chewy and the veggies added a slight crunch. Since I'm not a fan of mushrooms, I was a little grossed out by the amount of them in this dish.

Lastly, we had one of my favorites, Sweet and Sour "Chicken" ($11).

The soy chicken in this dish is a nice contrast to the other "chicken" dish we ordered, as the faux meat is more spongy. The vegetables are so soft and delectable and are generously coated in a sweet and tangy sauce. This sauce is one of my favorites as it has a fruity and citrusy flavor and is mildly spiced.

Overall, the meal was fantastic. Golden China was the best place we could have celebrated the Chinese New Year. The food is consistently good and the waiters are very friendly and attentive. With the discount, we each spent about $16 (including tax and tip). I cannot wait to return very soon!


  1. Yeah we all know you can eat for 5....muahahhahaa

  2. Technically it's only eating for 2.5, since there were two of us.