Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Savory Lunch At Sattdown Jamaican Grill

A couple weeks ago, a friend and I dined at Sattdown Jamaican Grill, a lovely Jamaican restaurant in Studio City. Tucked away in a lonely strip mall, Sattdown is underrated and quite a gem. While they still need improvement in their vegan meat department, their sauces are very flavorful and they have an eclectic menu offering.

We began the meal with a Vegetable Patty ($3).

The patty was delicious and a cross between a spinach pie and hot pocket. The outside was a little doughy and flaky, while the inside was even softer and filled with a spinach mixture. It was lightly spiced.

Next, we steered away from the faux meats and opted for two tofu dishes. The first was Tropical Tofu ($10).

This was lovely. The sauce was very sweet and luscious and the vegetables were soft and delectable. The tofu was lightly fried and slightly chewy. This was our favorite dish of the two.

Next, we had the Jerk Tofu ($10).

This dish was spicier and had a bitter taste. The tofu was lovely and soft and chunky. The onions intensified the bitterness and added a slight crispiness. This dish was a great contrast to the tropical tofu as it had a more savory flavor.

Each dish was accompanied with steamed vegetables, rice and plantains.

The vegetables were lightly seasoned and slightly bitter. The plantains were soft, sweet and juicy. The rice and beans were also very flavorful and sopped up the sauces very well.

Lastly, we each had a piece of Vegan Cheesecake ($6).

The cheesecake is from Earth Cafe, one of the most amazing brands ever. It's so rich and creamy and has the most perfect texture. The nuts on top add a wonderful crunch. I love how the cheesecake is not too sweet and sugary.

Overall, the meal was fantastic. It was very filling and flavorful. With our $25 gift certificate, the meal only cost $11 per person (including tax and tip). I cannot wait to return and am hoping Sattdown will improve their faux meats to taste more realistic, as tofu dishes aren't as exciting. Nevertheless, it's still worth the visit.

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