Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Familiar Feast At Desert Rose

On a chilly, rainy evening, my friend and I ventured to Desert Rose in Los Feliz. It was unfortunate that the weather was inclement, as we were unable to dine on the elegant patio. This was in fact the first time I had dined indoors, which was a completely different experience in itself. Nevertheless, the food was just as delicious as I remembered it to be.

First, some complimentary bread and olive oil were brought out. 

I LOVE free stuff, especially free, tasty food. The bread was halfway between focaccia bread and pita. It was thicker than pita, but crispier than focaccia. It was loaded with lovely spices, which worked very well with the mellow olive oil. 

Next, we had the Fire Roasted Vegetables ($7).

The "vegetables" was mostly thinly sliced zucchini pieces on a bed of arugula. There were a couple pieces of tomatoes and some toasted, crunchy bread. The balsamic glaze on the vegetables was delicious and had a slightly sweet, tangy flavor. The tomatoes were my favorite part, as they were so juicy, and I wish there were more of them.

Next, we had the Garlic Daiya Cheese Fries ($7).

These are the most amazing fries ever. They were perfectly salted and very crispy. They were delicately seasoned and had a fresh, garlicky flavor.  The daiya cheese was melted beautifully and added even more saltiness to the dish. 

Next, we had the BBQ Chicken Pizza ($18).

This pizza is my absolute favorite from the ones I've tried in the past. The pizza crust was very crispy and the bbq sauce was so sweet, with a slight tanginess. The chicken was slightly chewy and had a savory taste. The daiya cheese was melted with perfection and added a hint of saltiness. The basil pieces added a slight spice to the pizza and was a lovely contrast to the sweetness of the sauce. 

Lastly, we had a Daiya Cheese Calzone ($9).

By the time I tried the calzone, I was pretty stuffed. The calzone was very dense, despite being fairly small. The dough was so soft and fluffy, with a wonderful cheesiness inside. The accompanying tomato sauce was sweet with a hint of spice.

Overall, the meal was fabulous. As always, we ordered a ton of food and could barely move afterward. With the $20 for $40 groupon voucher that I used, the meal only cost $20 a person (which included tax, tip and non-alcoholic beverages). Desert Rose is on the expensive side, but they offer many discounts, from Groupon offers every few months to daily happy hours and Thursday facebook nights. I will definitely be back to take advantage of one of these offers. 

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