Monday, November 5, 2012

A Review Of The Favorites At Rahel Ethiopian

One of my favorite restaurants is Rahel Ethiopian. I know I have a lot of favorite places, but Rahel is truly special and an experience unlike any other. Ethiopian food is a cuisine I recently discovered not long after going vegan and I find myself craving the salty concoctions. The ambiance at Rahel is a mixture of fun, cozy, and relaxing, from the upside down umbrellas hanging from the ceiling to the low to the ground funky seating arrangements. On my previous visit there with a few friends, we ordered our beloved dishes and reminisced about our past dining experiences there.

We began with the sambussas.

These are pretty much the same as samosas but with a milder flavor. The outside is very crisp and flaky and the interior is filled with savory lentils. The appetizer is very hearty, but not too filling.

Next, we had the Millennium Special for four, which combines all of the dishes on one plate.

This dish is fantastic and is highly recommended. There are a variety of fantastic curries made from fresh vegetables. Many of the tastes are similar and include tangy and slightly sweet flavors. I love that the textures are so different, from mushy to crunchy.

Lastly, we had baklava, which came with the Millennium Special.

The baklava was a little too dry, but the phyllo dough was perfectly crispy. It also had a lovely sweetness and tasted very heavenly.

Overall, the meal was fantastic. We used the $25 gift certificate, which greatly reduced the cost of the meal. Rahel is also currently running a deal on Groupon for $15 for $30 worth of food or drink. I cannot wait to return again soon.

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