Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Spotless Meal At The Spot

The Spot is a wonderful cafe just steps away from the gorgeous beach in Hermosa. The air was crisp, with a salty scent as my friend and I entered the quaint establishment. We opted to sit on the patio, which has a fun, Mexican fiesta theme. I had been to The Spot twice before, thus on this visit, I opted to try something new. My friend, who lives nearby, also hadn't been to the restaurant in quite a while and was excited to eat the food again.

The first entree we had was the Chili Burger ($9) veganized.

The burger was delicious. The chili was so savory and hearty. There was a lovely mixture of beans and soy meat. There was also a thin layer of Follow Your Heart Cheese, which was a little awkward on the burger, as it wasn't very melty. The tomato, lettuce and onion were very fresh and crisp and took on the flavors of the chili very well. The accompanying almond rice was also very good and perfectly salted.

The next entree we had was the Savory Garden Burrito ($11).

This burrito was fantastic. The beans and rice had a wonderful smoky flavor and were soft and delectable. The savory sauce was so scrumptious and very creamy. It had a subtle garlicky taste and was perfectly spiced. I seriously wanted to order the sauce to go, it was just that good.

Overall, the meal was very good. Everything was very flavorful and while the dishes were very simple, they were also unique. The savory sauce is a must and I have found myself craving it constantly. We used a $10 for $20 Yelp deal, thus the meal cost about $8 per person (with tax and tip). I will definitely return if I find myself in the area again.

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