Saturday, November 10, 2012

Some Fresh Food From Farm Fresh To You

Everyone who knows me knows I'm no chef. My definition of cooking is throwing food in the microwave and hoping it doesn't burn. Nevertheless, I tried to be adventurous and order a CSA box filled with fruits and veggies from Farm Fresh To You. I noticed them on Google Offers a few months ago and after conducting some simple research on the company, I was sold. The box only cost $15 dollars with the deal and came loaded with a lovely mixture of fragrant fruits and veggies delivered right to my door in the middle of the night. The website allowed me to customize my order in a sense, by selecting which fruits and veggies I did not want to receive. I also chose the Mostly Fruits box, which was primarily composed of fruits with a few vegetables.

The fruit was so succulent and delicious. My favorites were the apples, pears, and kiwi, but I was pleasantly surprised to find pomegranate, which was exciting and enjoyable to eat.

The intriguing mixture encouraged me to be adventurous. I made a variety of smoothies and soups using a variety of combinations. It was fun to see how the fruits would work to balance the vegetables out and inspired me to experiment with a variety of seasonings. One of my favorite concoctions was an apple pear kiwi lettuce smoothie with a hint of lemon and celery stalk.

Surprisingly, everything I made was delicious and I had no idea how well vegetables and fruits worked together to create tasty meals. My meals throughout the week were energizing and allowed me to eat healthily for way cheaper.

I highly recommend Farm Fresh To You, but I do have to caution that it is a subscription program that you must cancel or your credit card will be charged (which is such a hassle). Nevertheless, even at the regular price, the service seems worth the price and I feel great supporting local farmers. The company even has some great promotions, especially their referral program, which allows customers to save money on their boxes for each customer they refer.

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