Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Birthday Lunch At Garden Grille

On my birthday, I dined at Garden Grille in Pawtucket, Rhode Island with my family, before picking up my birthday cake next door at Wildflour Vegan Bakery. We had a coupon from the Entertainment book to use, which gave us a whopping $6 discount. We began the meal with one of my favorite appetizers: the Nachos made vegan ($10).

While these aren't the best nachos I've had, they certainly are delicious. Everything from the guacamole down to the chips tasted homemade and the seasonings were phenomenal. There was a very moderate spice, made even more intense by the fairly large slices of jalapeno peppers. The guacamole was smooth and creamy on top of the crunchy chips, which were coated with perfectly melty daiya cheese. There were also some wonderful black beans, which gave the dish a savory taste. I wish the nachos had some taco meat, as this would have taken it over the top.

Next, I had Harvest Wrap ($9) as my entree. I had enjoyed this so much on my prior visit, I knew I had to order it again.

This was as amazing as I remembered it to be. It combined all of my favorite Thanksgiving flavors in a delicate wrap. The portion was gigantic and very filling. It consisted of savory tempeh sausage stuffing, which was a lovely contrast to the sweet cranberry sauce. There was a lovely cashew creme sauce which was not only very scrumptious, but added moisture to the stuffing, which was a little dry on its own.

Lastly, I tried the wrap my mom ordered, which was a special for the day.

This was also very enjoyable. It had wonderful Asian flavors, from the sweet, glazed tofu to the tangy, creamy slaw. There was a fantastic spice coating everything and the fillings were seasoned beautifully.

The meal was fabulous and such a great way to start my birthday. Everything was very tasty and the dishes were eclectic. I only wish this place was closer, so I could enjoy it more often,

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