Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hitting The Gold At Golden China

Golden China is one of those places that reeks of meat and fish, so you would never think they have an amazing vegan menu. Finding vegan Chinese food in LA poses quite a challenge, as there are not nearly enough options. It's odd that many of the restaurants that I've come to discover, I've found on either restaurant.com or a groupon-like website. I'm sure there's way more of them out there that I have still yet to hear about. Anyways, Golden China is one of my favorite Chinese restaurants. Their food is top notch and the servers are so cute and friendly.

We began the meal with some Hot and Sour Soup ($6.55).

This soup is delicious and I always look forward to ordering this when I go to Golden China. The soup is very tangy and is perfectly spiced with a very subtle sweetness. The broth has a savory, beefy flavoring. The tofu and vegetables are soft and delectable.

Next, we deviated from our normal appetizer order of egg rolls to try some Fried Bean Curd ($8).

This was very enjoyable. The batter had a slightly sweet flavor and was a little crispy. The inside was soft and delicate and easy to chew. It was accompanied by a wonderful dipping sauce that had a slightly tangy flavor.

Next, our entrees came out. I first tried the Chicken Broccoli ($11).

The chicken was slightly chewy and a little spongy. The broccoli was cooked well and easy to eat. The dish was bathed in a lovely beany sauce and had a bitter taste.

Next, I had one of my favorites: House Vegetable Pan Fried Noodle On Sizzling Plate ($12).

I love how there was such a varied consistency with the noodles in this dish. Some of them had been soaked in the sauce for so long that they became soft and slurpy. The noodles on top were very crispy and crunchy. The vegetables were stir-fried very well and seasoned to perfection.

Lastly, I had the Curry Vegetarian Duck ($12).

This was fantastic. The sauce was very scrumptious and worked very well with the meaty pieces of soy duck. It was perfectly salted and had a slight bitter flavor and a moderate spice.

Overall, I really enjoyed the meal. I loved all of the dishes we chose and even with three of us eating, we still could barely finish. I appreciate that the portions are so generous, so we could all fully enjoy each dish. The meal was also fairly inexpensive with the $25 restaurant.com gift certificate and cost less than $13 a person (with tax and tip). I cannot wait to return next month.

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