Saturday, December 17, 2011

Some Real Good Food At Real Food Daily

One of my favorite restaurants of all-time is Real Food Daily. Unfortunately, the prices are pretty expensive and they don't offer any deals. Nevertheless, if you sign up for their birthday club, you receive a fantastic card that gives you $10 off a $20 purchase. Since my birthday is coming up, I was able to take advantage of this offer and dined out with a friend who was also celebrating his birthday.

We were both craving Mexican food, so we decided to share two Mexican themed entrees. The first was the Supreme Burrito ($13), which we ordered wet with ranchero sauce.

The burrito was delicious and one of the best I've had. It was very thick and loaded with tons of ingredients, from the crispy, perfectly salted tempeh bacon to the creamy, luscious cashew cheese. The black beans added a wonderful savory flavor and the spanish rice was well-seasoned with a mild spice. The avocado added a lovely richness to the entree. The ranchero sauce on top was very scrumptious and also added a light spiciness. The accompanying salad was very good and was coated in a creamy ranch-like dressing.

Next, we shared the Papas and Beer Special ($16).

The enchiladas were delicious. They were filled with a moderately spiced, smooth potato mixture and savory seitan pieces. The enchilada was perfectly crispy on the outside and soft and delectable on the inside. There was a thin layer of sour cream, which had a very subtle sweetness to it. Scattered around the enchiladas were crunchy, slightly salty pieces of fried onions. The dish was made even better by a wonderfully seasoned rice pilaf concoction and succulent slabs of well-cooked plantains.

We needed to end the meal with something sweet, so we ordered the faux-stess cupcake ($3.75).

I haven't had a hostess in years, but I found Real Food Daily's version to be way better. It had a richer, chocolatey flavor and didn't have the gross, chemical taste that hostesses have. The cake was very moist and the cream was very decadent. The flavors were sweet, but not overly so. There was a slight bitter taste that balanced out the sweetness perfectly.

Overall, I really enjoyed the meal. Everything was so flavorful and had such a great mixture of textures. I would eat at Real Food Daily way more often if it was a little cheaper or if they had more frequent deals. Nevertheless, with the birthday coupon, the meal cost about $14 a person. I'm already looking forward to my birthday next year, knowing I will be able to eat at Real Food Daily for fairly cheap. If you haven't signed up for their birthday club, you are totally missing out and need to do so ASAP. You can sign up at the restaurant or on their website.

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