Thursday, December 22, 2011

A SLO Lunch At Me And Z's

After a long drive from Los Angeles to visit my friend in San Luis Obispo, we decided to have a leisurely lunch at a Mexican restaurant in Grover Beach called Me And Z's. My friend had called them earlier after finding a coupon on Bazomb for a buy one get one free entree. She inquired if they had any vegan options, in which the hostess had responded that the vegetable burrito could easily be made vegan without cheese, as the rice and beans did not contain animal ingredients. Upon our arrival, we were greeted with smiles, which seemed to be fitting for a small town restaurant. The waitress brought us some complimentary chips and salsa almost immediately after we were seated and replenished it when she saw how famished we all were. 

My friend and I both ordered the vegetable burrito ($8.50), while her brother ordered a meaty soup. Since our dishes came with the meaty soup, the waitress gave her brother an even larger portion. I would have preferred her to have given us a salad or some extra rice, but I guess they aren't used to having vegan customers. 

The burrito was pretty good. Honestly, I've had way better burritos and the ingredients were definitely lacking. It would have been nice for them to have at least put some grilled tofu in there to spice things up. The fillings were the standard rice and beans and grilled vegetables. Nevertheless, the sauce coating the burrito was very scrumptious and more than made up for the stingy fillings. It had a lovely spiciness with a very subtle sweetness from the tomatoes. 

Overall, I found the meal to be decent. It isn't too often I'm able to eat at a regular Mexican restaurant, since so many use lard or chicken sauce in their ingredients. I appreciated the festive atmosphere and traditional Mexican music playing on the stereo. In addition, since Grover Beach is such a small town with just a tiny percentage of vegan residents, it is quite difficult to find vegan food. I am grateful that this place is so accommodating and that they offer a fabulous discount. The meal came out to about $9, with tax and tip, which is a great deal, considering how filling the food was. 

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