Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Pre-Thanksgiving Meal At Madeleine Bistro

Thanksgiving came early for me this year, as a friend and I ventured to Madeleine Bistro the Saturday before Thanksgiving to try out prep ourselves for the big day. Madeleine Bistro had an amazing holiday platter, featuring Thanksgiving favorites. Fortunately, I had purchased a few $20 gift vouchers for $10 through an online promotion the restaurant was doing. This made the expensive meal a bit more reasonable, thus making it blog-worthy.

Since the restaurant was super crowded, we had to wait a long while for our entrees to come out. When it came out, it was lukewarm and not as enjoyable as I imagine it would have been if it had come straight out of the oven. Nevertheless, I could not wait to dig into the Thanksgiving Preview ($25).

This entree was delicious. It had such a lovely assortment of side dishes. The cranberry sauce was wonderful and had a great mixture of sweetness and tartness. The yams were whipped to perfection and had a creamy consistency. They also had just the right amount of sweetness. I normally don't like brussell sprouts, but these were coated in subtly sweet glaze. The stuffing was also amazing and was slightly salty and had a savory flavor. The mashed potatoes were also wonderful, having a creamy texture and being lightly salty. The seitan was a little odd, as it was too moist and overly chewy. It also had a bitter flavor and did not mimic turkey at all. This definitely needed to be improved.

Since we had waited so long for our meal, the owner kindly offered us a dessert on the house. We chose the Banana Foster Split ($12).

The dessert was very rich and decadent. The ice cream was very creamy and had a lovely sweet flavor. The sauce was chocolaty and very heavenly. The softened bananas added a subtle sweetness. The whipped cream took the sundae over the top and was very light and airy. I would definitely recommend this dessert.

Overall, I really enjoyed the meal. The food was very high quality, although without the deal, would have been a little overpriced. With the discount, the meal only cost $21 (with tax and tip), which was great, since it included the dessert. I was stuffed and satisfied and my Thanksgiving cravings were met. I am happy I purchased more of the vouchers and I will definitely be back soon to use them again.

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