Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hitting The Spot With A Veggie Burger

It's such a bummer that The Spot is located in Hermosa Beach, a beach town that is far from my Westside abode and where parking can often be a nightmare, especially in the summer. Luckily, I hit up The Spot early on a Friday and since it was late November and a little chilly, I was able to find a meter right in front of the restaurant. I decided to sit outside since their patio is very cute, with a Mexican decor. I had a Groupon voucher for a veggie burger of my choice that I had purchased for $5. I opted for the Guacamole burger ($11) as it not only sounded delicious, but was also one of the most expensive burgers.

First, a complimentary appetizer came out: carrots and a tahini dip.

These carrots were very crunchy and fresh-tasting. The tahini dip had a rich flavor and softened the carrots a bit, making them easier to chomp on.

Next, my burger came out.

The burger was delicious and had a savory, beany taste. It was not too dense, as veggie burgers often can be. The guacamole topping was creamy and had a lovely avocado flavor. It had a light chili flavor and was perfectly spiced. The accompanying almond rice was also very good and delicately seasoned. It was soft and easy to chew.

Overall, the meal was great and the food really hit the spot. The service was also phenomenal and the waiter was very attentive. I love how The Spot has such a relaxed atmosphere, which is very fitting, considering it's just steps away from the ocean. I always enjoy food more when I feel relaxed, so this definitely contributed to my love affair with their food. At less than $8 (including tax and tip), I was completely stuffed and my belly was quite happy. I cannot wait to return and wish they would relocate or add a second location in the Westside.

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