Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Dangerously Good Lunch At Darbster

I recently discovered Darbster in West Palm Beach on my trip to Florida back in April. I don't think the restaurant has been around very long, but it is truly amazing. I dined there twice in April and twice again on my recent trip. What's even better is that Darbster has a fabulous newsletter they send out weekly that includes tons of discounts. My grandma and I took advantage of their mid-day discount and got a free appetizer with the purchase of two entrees.

First, we had the "trees" wings ($5).

These were delicious. They were very crispy on the outside and slightly chewy on the inside. The accompanying sauces were delicious and worked perfectly with the wings. The buffalo sauce was spicy with a subtle tang. The other sauce was creamy, cooling and ranch-like.

Next, I had the palm cake sandwich with a side of onion rings ($6.75+2.50).

This sandwich was out of this world. The palm cakes had an amazing flavor and seemed to mimic crab cakes well. They were composed of deep fried artichokes formed into a fritter-like consistency. They were a little bitter and perfectly salty and had a slightly savory taste. The creamy aioli sauce was very scrumptious and complimented the palm cakes very well.

Lastly, we had an oreo creme cheesecake ($6) for dessert.

The cheesecakes at Darbster are seriously some of the best I've ever had. This cheesecake was no exception. It had a rich, cheesy flavor and was very creamy. The oreo bits added a wonderful crunch and gave it a lovely chocolaty flavor, made even better by the decadent covering of chocolate sauce. The whipped cream took the cheesecake over the top and was very light and airy.

Overall, I really enjoyed my lunch at Darbster and my grandma raved about it on our drive to the airport. What I love about their lunch, is that the portions are similar to the dinner ones, yet the prices are significantly dinner. With the free appetizer, our whole meal came out to about $25 (with tax and tip). This place ranks really high and can easily compete with Sublime. I am so happy to have discovered these two gems. It almost makes me consider moving to Florida and definitely makes my visits way easier.

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