Saturday, November 12, 2011

Going Raw With The Rawvolution Box

It's not very often that you hear the words, "convenience", "healthy", and "laziness" in one sentence. So many people have this misconception that those three things can't co-exist. Therefore, they resort to greasy, fast food when they lack time to enjoy a proper meal. I really think these vegan meal delivery services are underrated and underused. Sure, people think they're too expensive for them, but with so many great deals out there, they really aren't that pricy. A few weeks ago, I purchased the Rawvolution box, as this is as healthy and convenient as it gets. I opted to pick it up at their storefront to avoid the delivery fee. Since I used a groupon voucher, it only cost me $60. The food lasted me well over a week, since it was very filling. 

I first tried the Russian Borscht soup. 

Raw soups are the best and Rawvolution does an amazing job theirs. I really enjoyed the borscht soup a lot. I was afraid I wouldn't, as the thought of a cold beet soup grossed me out.  The soup had a slight bitterness that was equally matched with the sweetness of the beets. The consistency was very thin and slurpy. 

Next, there was the Chili soup.

I had this soup with my last Rawvolution box and I enjoyed it just as much this time. The soup was very spicy and had a strong lentil flavor. It was thick and creamy and very luscious.

Next, I had the mushroom and cheese burger. 

I must admit, the thought of this burger disgusted me and I honestly could not fathom eating it, as I cannot stand mushrooms. Since the mushrooms were in a container, I gave them away to my mushroom-loving friend and found that the burger had only a slightly fungal taste that was tolerable. The creamy cashew cheese was very dominant and the burger had a savory, beany flavor. The tomatoes also provided a sweet and juicy taste to the burger.

Next, I had the mock chicken salad.

This was very delicious. The cashew mayo gave it a lovely creaminess and the faux chicken was slightly chewy and had a wonderful bitterness. There was the perfect amount of salt, with just a hint of pepper. 

Next, I had the spinach and cheese quiche.

While the portion for this seemed small, it was very dense and creamy. The spinach was mixed in well and the cashew cheese gave it a rich taste. It was very soft and easy to eat.

Next, there was the cucumber and dill salad.

I honestly did not enjoy this very much. The taste of dill was too strong and the sauce was too creamy and heavy, it actually upset my stomach afterwards. The cucumbers themselves were very soft and easy to chew, but were too soaked in the sauce to really enjoy.

Next, I had the couscous.

This was delectable. It had a bitter, salty flavor from the black olives and was soft with a slight crunchiness. There was a very subtle sweetness.

Next, I had the Greek pizza.

This was also wonderful. The flax seed bread was very crunchy with a slight bitter flavor. The olives added a lovely bitterness, while the sundried tomatoes added a contrasting sweetness. The layer of cashew cheese was very creamy and perfectly salted and seasoned. 

Next, I had the tostada.

The tostada was one of my favorites. It included the crunchy flax seed cracker, along with a crispy lettuce, filled with a savory, crumbly walnut meat. The creamy cashew cheese took it over the top. The accompanying salsa added a fabulous spiciness and even more texture to the dish.

Next, I had the broccolini salad.

I wasn't a huge fan of this dish. It was merely pieces of broccolini, coated in a thin layer of salt. I would have loved there to have been an accompanying dressing to have given it more flavor. Nevertheless, the broccolini was soft and easy to chew. 

Next, I had the pecan crumble.

I could not stand this dish, but I think it was because it's composed primarily of raisins, which I hate. It had a very sour, bitter taste, which was odd, since it was supposed to be eaten as a dessert. I think this would have worked better if they had blended a dried fruit that had a sweeter taste. On the upside, there was a slightly sweet puree of pecans on the bottom that were very delectable. 

Next, I had the chocolate coconut macaroons. 

I'm not a huge fan of macaroons either, but I enjoyed these more than the crumble. The texture was very hard and difficult to chew, but they had a rich, chocolaty flavor. The taste of coconut was also very dominant. I enjoyed that these weren't too sweet and only slightly bitter. 

Overall, I really enjoyed the Rawvolution box. I really wish the box was more customizable, as there were dishes I would have loved to have more of in place of the ones I did not like. Nevertheless, the ingredients are very high quality and the food is very flavorful. I felt very healthy and uplifted after finishing the box and am so happy I ordered it. It was quite a steal at $60 and came out to less than $10 a day. I would definitely order it again with the deal, but I'm not sure I would pay full price, especially since it's not customizable. 

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