Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Sophisticated Dinner At Cafe Muse

Cafe Muse may serve as an amusing and inspiring place for artists and writers to create work, while enjoying a delicious, vegan meal, but at night, it transforms into a sophisticated fine dining experience. While the food maintains its simplicity, a full bar opens with boozy delights. This isn't your standard fine dining, but merely a casual, relaxing place to enjoy savory sandwiches with a luxurious glass of wine.

My friend and I ventured to Cafe Muse a couple weeks ago to use a groupon I had purchased for a dinner for two. This allowed us to each have a drink, entree, and dessert. We first had some glasses of wine.

I'm no wine connoisseur, but I found the glass of wine to be very enjoyable and it left me feeling relaxed. It had a slightly bitter taste with a subtly sweet undertone. The wine normally cost $7, so I imagine they use a high quality brand.

Next, our entrees came out. We decided to share both, so we could experience various flavors. I first tried the Mediterranean Wrap ($10).

The wrap was delicious. The tortilla was nice and soft and the hummus inside was rich and creamy. It had a lovely chickpea flavor and was a wonderful contrast against the crunchy vegetables. The sweet potato fries made a great accompaniment, as they were perfectly fried and crispy, but not soaked in oil.

Next, I had the Chicken Pesto Sandwich ($10).

I enjoyed this sandwich even more than the last. It had a more savory flavor, with the slightly chewy chunks of gardein chicken. The pesto sauce was delectable, having a garlicky taste and the perfect amount of salitness. The daiya cheese was melted very well and balanced out the sweetness of the tomatoes beautifully.

Lastly, our desserts came out. We both had slices of vegan cheesecake ($4.50).

This cheesecake was good, but definitely not the best I've had. It was very smooth and had a slight creamy consistency. The cheesecake was not too sweet, but still very tasty. I would have loved for their to have been more flavor to it, perhaps even a fruity compote to add more texture. Nevertheless, it still was a great way to end the meal.

Overall, I really enjoyed the meal. I love that Cafe Muse has a great mixture of sophistication, relaxation, and inspiration. It is a lovely place to wind down after a tiring day or to take a break from an exhausting project to refuel. Their food is excellent and thankfully, not too expensive. With the groupon I purchased, the whole meal only cost $16 ($8 per person). Cafe Muse seems to appear on groupon-like sites fairly open, so I am hoping they will have another deal very soon.

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