Monday, November 14, 2011

A Stellar Meal At Sophie N Me

Let's face it. Florida is not known for their vegan cuisine. When visiting my grandma in the West Palm Beach area, I constantly struggle with finding vegan-friendly restaurants that have good food. The options are definitely increasing and this gives me hope that it will continue to improve. On my first day visiting my grandma, we ventured to a brand new restaurant called Sophie N Me. I was excited to see that about half their menu was vegan and the dishes sounded both healthy and delicious, my favorite combination. The restaurant was very small and intimate and had an upscale setting, with white table cloths. The menu was also a little expensive. Luckily, this place is featured on, so of course we had a $25 gift certificate.

First, some complimentary bread came out.

This bread was amazing. It was fresh out of the oven and warm to the touch. It was very soft, with a crunchy crust. The accompanying oily pesto dipping sauce was delectable. The waiter saw that we enjoyed it and brought us refills to enjoy with our meal.

Next, our appetizer came out. We ordered the Vegetable Summer Rolls ($7).

These were delicious. They were very gummy on the outside, and crisp and slightly chewy in the interior. The cooked tofu provided a savory flavor, which was a wonderful contrast to the sweet dipping sauce. The accompanying salad was coated in a light vinaigrette and the vegetables were very crunchy.

Next, my grandma and I each had the Quinoa and Pesto Salad ($9) as our entrees.

I really enjoyed this salad. It was composed of a lovely variety of fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains and featured some of my favorites. The salad was coated in a rich, garlicky pesto sauce that had such a wonderful flavor. The quinoa was lightly seasoned and mixed well with the crunchy vegetables. The raspberry and lemon salad dressings provided both sweet and sour tastes to the dish.

Next, I had a side of vegan Macaroni and Cheese ($5.75).

This dish was so scrumptious. It was the perfect portion and was very rich and creamy. I love that the macaroni was bathed in a cheese sauce and then topped with melty daiya cheese. This is some of the best macaroni and cheese I've had, vegan or not.

Lastly, we had dessert. Normally, Sophie N Me has a vegan dessert option, but on our visit, they apparently ran out. I am really hoping this was true, as it gives me hope that people have actually been ordering it, rather than them not having a desire to make it. Nevertheless, they could see my disappointment and whipped me up a dessert with what they had in the kitchen. This ended up being a fruit salad with chocolate fudge sauce ($3.50).

The fruit was very sweet and juicy. The accompanying chocolate sauce was thick and very decadent. It worked perfectly with the fruit and was a very satisfying dessert.

Overall, I really enjoyed the meal. Since this restaurant had only been open for a week when we visited, they still had a lot of kinks that needed to be worked out. Nevertheless, the food was very tasty and it's evident this place really wants to please both omnivores and vegans alike. I love that all of their food is organic and they are striving to be as eco-friendly as possible. With our discount, the meal only cost about $24 total. I will definitely be back on my next visit and am really hoping they'll have some vegan cupcakes for me to try!

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