Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Magnificent Meal at Mac 'N Food Truck

I cannot profess my love for food trucks enough. They are so convenient and have delicious, high quality food for a very reasonable price. I am so happy they are a huge fad right now and that vegan versions exist. I was delighted to discover the Mac N Food truck based out of Miami on my recent trip to Florida. I was even more excited when their schedule featured a stop at a festival in Delray Beach, not too far from my grandma's house. To top it all off, they had a deal on Yelp Deals for $5 for $10 worth of food. We took all the food to go, since there wasn't much seating at the event. They packed the food very well, so it stayed hot for a long while.

First, I had the Fried Green Tomatoes ($5).

These were delicious. The tomatoes were bitter with a subtle sweetness. They were deep fried in a wonderful batter and coated in a scrumptious, creamy mayo sauce. I normally don't like mayo, but I found Mac N Food's to be quite enjoyable and not overpowering.

Next, I had the Soyrizo and Pepperjack Mac 'n Cheese combo, which came with sweet potato fries ($10). We also added an extra order of sweet potato fries ($4).

The mac 'n cheese was some of the best I've had. The sauce was so cheesy and creamy and was perfectly salted. It had a light peppery taste. The soyrizo was wonderful, providing a savory flavor and adding a slightly chewy texture to the soft, well-cooked macaroni.  The dish was moderately spicy and had a nice kick to it.

Lastly, I had the sweet potato fries.

The sweet potato fries were fabulous. They were not greasy or soaked in oil, as so many fries often are. They were nice and soft and easy to chew. The taste of sweet potatoes was dominant, having a very luscious flavor.

Overall, the meal was very enjoyable. I was a little disappointed that the menu was so small and they didn't have any dessert. Nevertheless, the food was top-notch and definitely restaurant quality. I'm sad this truck is in Florida and really wish they would open another in LA. With the discount, the meal only cost $14. This was a great deal, considering we were stuffed and our stomachs were very satisfied.

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