Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Childish Halloween Brunch

Last Sunday was a nostalgic day for me, as it combined two of my favorite childhood loves: Halloween and brunch. Halloween is my favorite holiday, since it allows me to feel like a little kid and connects me to my past. I love brunch for the same reason, and it reminds me of lazy sundays indulging in pancakes and french toast. I was excited when I heard about a pop-up brunch in Silverlake with a Mexican "Day Of The Dead" theme. I arrived in costume and received a free shot of limoncello.


The shot was intense and burned my mouth as I chugged it. Nevertheless, it left me feeling blissful and perhaps even helped me enjoy the brunch even more.

The brunch began with a "bread hour". Since the chefs were running super late, this hour turned into more than two hours. 

There was a lovely assortment of breads, from a bitter chocolate loaf to a sweet crunchy slice to a lemony muffin. I enjoyed them all and they were a wonderful way to begin a meal.

Unfortunately, the brunch ended up being quite chaotic, with diners fighting for a place in line, in hopes of getting the food before it quickly disappeared. The food was replenished, but not fast enough for all the hungry vegans. Regardless, the food was amazing and worth the wait. I first tried some breakfast potatoes.

This was delicious and I loved the Mexican influence. It had a light spice and the potatoes were soft and well-cooked. The beans and corn added a lovely texture and the seasoning provided a savory flavor. 

Next, I had some taquitos and a faux meat patty.

The patty was very savory and meaty and was heavily spiced. It was crispy and slightly chewy and would have worked perfectly in the interior of the taquitos. The taquitos were very crispy on the outside, with a luscious potato interior. I would have preferred a little more seasoning in the interior, but other than that they were fantastic.

My favorite dish was the tofu scramble, and I found myself refilling my plate with this at the end of the event.

The scramble was very eggy and had a cheesy taste. It was soft and crumbly, with an excellent seasoning. It had a very mild spice. The vegetables were cooked very well and were delectable. 

Sadly, I missed out on the jackfruit dish, which I heard others rave about. This was very disappointing for me, as I had been looking forward to this dish the most. 

Overall, I really enjoyed the pop-up brunch. I think they did a wonderful job, despite not being completely prepared for the overwhelming amount of hungry mouths. The brunch was quite a steal at only $10, and since I paid ahead I received a raffle ticket and won a prize! The food was such comfort food and the company was just as good. I really hope they do this brunch again, as I believe it has such potential. It was an excellent way to spend a lazy afternoon and reminisce about the past with some old and new friends. 

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