Thursday, November 10, 2011

Being Green At The Green Truck

A few weeks ago, my friend and I met at the Green Truck's stop in Culver City to discuss our Halloween plans. I had been wanting to dine at this truck badly since hearing about their amazing Mother Trucker vegan burger. I was also fascinated by their concept of being green not only through offering vegan options, but having a truck that runs completely on solar power. The truck is not actually a truck, but rather a mobile cart.

It was a gorgeous day to dine outside and of course use my groupon voucher for $20 worth of food that I paid $10 for. The Green Truck was also running a special that day, giving out their homemade watermelon fresca with every food order.

The watermelon fresca was very refreshing. It was fresh squeezed and a little pulpy and not too sweet. It washed down the food perfectly.

We both ordered Mother Trucker burgers with a side of beet and quinoa salad ($10).

The burger was delicious and evidently handmade. It was very dense and had a strong beany taste. It was well seasoned and spiced and had a savory flavor. The sauce on top was so scrumptious and tasted of beets. It was slightly sweet and had a lovely bitterness. The accompanying salad was also superb. Normally, it comes with feta cheese, but we requested it without. The beets were very soft and sweet, which worked perfectly with the slightly crunchy quinoa. The dressing on top was citrusy and creamy.

Overall, I really enjoyed the food. Unfortunately, the truck doesn't seem to make many stops during the week, although their schedule seems to be fairly consistent. The food was quite a steal at only $5 a person, along with a wonderful drink! I am really hoping this place offers another deal soon, but regardless, I'm sure I'll be back there in no time!

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