Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Fruity Meal

On a hot day in Downtown LA, I found myself craving something cold. I found myself dehydrated after spending most of the morning outside, thus I opted to find something refreshing to drink. Luckily, I had texted myself a 50% off voucher for a Mediterranean restaurant called Night Toast Cafe from Scout Mob, and used the coupon for a fruit smoothie. Any of their smoothies could easily be made vegan by using apple or orange juice or water as a base. I chose the aruba smoothie, which consisted of strawberry, banana, mango and orange juice.

The smoothie was delicious and very refreshing. It had a creamy consistency despite not having any dairy in it and the taste of strawberries was dominant. It was not too sweet, yet satisfied any craving I had for a dessert.

I would definitely recommend this cafe if you are in the area. It's not any place I would drive to, but the smoothies are great and they have a small selection of vegan food. Many of their salads and sandwiches can easily be made vegan by substituting tofu for chicken. The smoothie normally cost $4, but with the Scout Mob voucher only cost $2.

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