Wednesday, October 12, 2011

More Golden Food At Golden China

It's weird how I usually am not a huge fan of Chinese food, yet am obsessed with Golden China. Last week, two of my friends and I headed back to our favorite Chinese joint, and enjoyed their delicious, greasy food. Seriously, this is the place you should dine at if you are having even a minor craving for oily food.

First, we had our beloved hot and sour soup ($6.55). No visit to Golden China is complete without ordering this soup as a starter.

The soup was even spicier than I remembered it to be. The flavor was very tangy and had a subtle sweetness to balance out the spiciness. The tofu and vegetables were so soft and luscious and worked very well with the broth.

Next, we had the pan-fried noodle dish with vegetables ($12).

I've never been a fan of noodle dishes at Chinese restaurants, but I am in love with this dish. The noodles were very crunchy, juxtaposing the soft, delectable vegetables. There was a slightly spicy, garlicky sauce  that gave the dish a lovely flavor.

Next, we had another one of our favorites: Kung Pao soy duck ($12).

The soy duck has the most perfect texture, being slightly chewy with a soft interior. The water chestnuts and peanuts added a wonderful crunch to the dish, complimenting the mock meat beautifully. The sauce was very scrumptious, with a slightly bitter soy flavor and mild spiciness.

Our last dish was something we hadn't tried yet: lemon soy chicken ($11).

The soy chicken was amazing. It reminded me a lot of chicken fingers, with a savory batter and soft coating over a slightly chewy, meaty interior. The sauce was equally delicious and had a tangy, citrusy flavor. The soy chicken pieces really sopped up the sauce well, absorbing all of the delicious taste.

Golden China is a true gem, tucked in a strip mall. I really wish more people knew about this place, as the food is so good and the staff is friendly and attentive. The vegetarian is also pretty extensive, featuring many innovative options. With the $25 gift certificate, we each spent only $11 (with tax and tip). I cannot wait to return.

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