Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Juxtaposition at Kind Kreme

Kind Kreme is one of my favorite places to get some delicious vegan ice cream. Last weekend, after a delightful dinner, I made sure to save room for dessert, since I wasn't too far from the Studio City location. Since I wasn't too hungry, I opted for the small soft serve with cacao nibs. The cashier was really generous and upgraded my small serving to a medium for free. Since I used a Scout mob voucher for 50% off, it only cost me $3 (normally it would cost $8).

The soft serve was very smooth and creamy. The chocolate and vanilla twist worked very well and both flavors tasted very rich. The cacao nibs were a perfect juxtaposition and the crunchy texture contrasted the smoothness of the ice cream wonderfully. The bitter flavor of the nibs also toned down the sweetness of the ice cream. I love that the soft serve was not artificially sweet, as so many tend to be, but had more of a natural taste.

I love Kind Kreme and am so glad they offered this deal. It's a bit overpriced normally, but I guess that's just because of the high quality ingredients. I know I'll be back soon, since this is one of the few places that has an immense selection of vegan ice cream.

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