Friday, October 21, 2011

A Spicy Lunch At India Sweets & Grocery

On my first day at my new internship at the Compassion Over Killing office in Torrance, I found myself with severe hunger pains at lunchtime. I wasn't sure what kind of food options were in the area, so I used the very helpful Happy Cow app on my phone. It informed me that there was a cafeteria-style Indian restaurant right down the street. I made the short drive from the office to find the small store fairly crowded. The cashier was very friendly and I requested an order of the lunch special to be made vegan. The lunch special was quite a steal at only $4 and included two dishes, rice and bread. The cashier pointed out which dishes were vegan (4 total) and I opted for the chana masala and cauliflower dish.

The servings were very generous and the food was filling. The chana masala had a lovely tomato flavoring and was quite spicy. The chickpeas were well-cooked and soft and easy to chew. The cauliflower was also delicious and had a wonderful ginger taste. The cauliflower was also cooked very well and was slightly chewy and delicate. The rice absorbed the sauces very well and had its own light seasoning.

The bread was the best part of the meal. It was fairly large and accompanied the curries perfectly, balancing out their spiciness.

The bread was beautifully grilled and soaked in oil. It had a lovely sweet flavor and was easy to chew. This is quite possibly the best Indian bread I've ever had.

I am so happy I found this gem of a restaurant. Unfortunately, it's all the way in Torrance, which is really far from where I live. Still, I hope to try more of their dishes, in addition to their dinner special that sounds amazing and only cost $5. This place is a must if you live in the South Bay.

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