Monday, October 24, 2011

Veg Time With Vegin' Out

Mondays are an exciting day, when you have a huge order of food coming your way. Since Mondays usually suck, it's great that Vegin' Out delivers a week's worth of food on that day and gives me something to look forward to. A couple weeks ago, I used a Gather Green voucher I had purchased a few months ago for $58. I purposefully chose a week that consisted of many menu items I hadn't tried before. This provided much excitement and anticipation for me. The menu that week had a lot of variety, consisting of a lovely representation of cuisines from Mexican to Indian and featured an array of vegetables and proteins. The food was innovative, tasty and healthy.

First, I had the Sambar soup.

This soup was wonderful. It had a great lentil flavor with a mild spice. The tomato chunks added a subtle sweetness. I would have preferred for the soup to have been a little spicier and have more of a kick to it. Nevertheless, it was very hearty and enjoyable.

Next, I had the Chana Masala With Cauliflower.

This dish was a great accompaniment to the sambar soup, although I ate them at different meals. Chana masala is one of my favorite Indian dishes and I love Vegin' Out's take on the entree. The tomato paste gave it a rich flavor, enhanced by the various spices. There was a hint of ginger. The chickpeas and cauliflower were soft and easy to chew. The rice absorbed the curry very well and added a slightly crunchy texture to the dish.

Next, I had the Kale Salad With Sun Dried Tomato Vinaigrette.

This was my favorite of all the side dishes. The kale was very soft and well-massaged. The tomatoes were sweet and juicy. There were lovely toasted seeds that added a crunch to the salad and gave it a slightly salty flavor. The vinaigrette was scrumptious and had a sweet flavor with a hint of tanginess.

Next, I had the Braised Tofu In Peanut Sauce.

This dish was delicious. The peanut sauce was very creamy and heavenly. The tofu chunks were delectable and had a savory taste. The peas and carrots were also cooked very well and were soft and juicy.

Next, I had the Sesame Broccoli.

The vegetables were soaked in oil with a light sesame flavoring. They were slightly soft and crunchy with a salty taste. The spices were reminiscent of Chinese cuisine and the dish worked great as a refreshing lunch.

Next, I had the Enchilada Bake.

Vegin' Out does an amazing job with their Mexican entrees, and this enchilada dish was no exception. The dish seemed like it would make a great breakfast, as the interior was a wonderful cheesy tofu scramble. The beans and spices gave the dish a savory flavor and the tomato sauce topping added a light sweetness.

Next, I had Green Beans With Caramelized Onion.

This dish was also very good. The green beans had a light oily coating and were soft and easy to chew. The toasted nuts were crunchy and slightly salty. The caramelized onions added a slight sweetness to the dish along with a wonderful bitterness.

Next, I had Lentil Pistachio Salad.

This dish was very hearty and flavorful. It had a great assortment of various beans and lentils and was well-seasoned. It also had a slightly nutty taste.

Lastly, I had the S'mores cookies.

This cookie was so different from any cookie I've had before, vegan or not. It had a graham cracker flavor interspersed with chocolate chips. There was a soft, mushy marshmallow in the center that was very gooey. This cookie was so heavenly when put in the microwave for several seconds. It was soft and luscious, with a very rich flavor.

Overall, I loved my meals from this order. Usually, there is at least one dish I regret ordering, but thankfully not this time. Each dish was very flavorful, yet was healthy and invigorating. At $58, this was quite the steal, as it lasted me approximately 10 days. I will definitely be ordering again from Vegin' Out regardless of whether they have another deal, although I am seriously hoping they will be featured on a deal site very soon.

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