Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Grubbin' It Up With Vegan Thai

I am a huge lover of Thai food, so I always get secretly excited to eat Thai food. I have frequented many of the vegan Thai restaurants in LA, so I was excited to try a new one called Bodhi Vegetarian. My expectations were even higher for this restaurant, since it did not have the word "vegan" in the name, as the majority do. Thus, I downloaded the GrubHub app on my phone and automatically received $10 off my first purchase with the app. Since I was not in Bodhi restaurant's delivery range, I made the short drive to West LA to pick up the food. The small restaurant was empty when I arrived and my takeout bag was sitting alone on the counter. It was fairly late on a Sunday, yet I was still a little worried that this may be a sign that the food was subpar.

When I arrived back home, I dug into the bag to empty out the contents. I first had the spring rolls ($5.25).

I was not a fan of these spring rolls. They were a little too soggy and were crispy at all. The interior was pretty bland and lacked much seasoning. I would have loved them to have had some faux meat to provide more texture and flavor. The dipping sauce, however, was very tasty and sweet and had a lovely consistency.

Next, I had the entree, yellow curry with soy chicken ($9) along with steamed brown rice ($1.50).

The curry was delicious and perfectly spiced. The sauce was very scrumptious and had a subtle sweet taste. The juicy pineapples and bell peppers gave the dish an even more succulent flavor. The soy chicken was a little too chewy, but still mimicked the real thing pretty well. It was great in adding texture to the soupy dish.

The curry worked very well mixed in with the brown rice. The rice really sopped up the flavor and added a crunchiness to the dish.

Overall, the food was pretty good. I've definitely had way better vegan Thai and would not make the trek for this restaurant. The food normally is pretty expensive and doesn't seem like it's worth the cost. With the GrubHub deal, I only paid about $7. It was pretty good, considering the food last me two meals.

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