Friday, October 28, 2011

Quite The Feast At Streets Of India

Streets of India is perhaps my new favorite Indian restaurant. Unfortunately, they aren't vegetarian anymore and added real meat to their repertoire, since they sadly believe there is a demand for it. Nevertheless, their food is top-notch and they are one of the few Indian restaurants that I know of that incorporates faux meat into their dishes to please vegans and carnivores alike. Furthermore, pretty much any of their menu items can easily be made vegan with an easy substitution of coconut milk for the dairy kind. I recently dined there with three friends and we ordered an immense amount of food.

We began with two appetizers: samosas ($4) and panipuri ($4). We divided the two samosas in half, so we could each have a taste.

These samosas were delicious. They were perfectly deep fried and crispy on the outside and the interior was filled with a mildly spiced, delectable pea and potato mixture. The accompanying sauces were perfect in adding sweet and spicy flavorings to the already tasty appetizer.

Next, we had the panipuri.

We had never heard of this before, so we were a little surprised when we saw it come out. The puffs were very airy and had to be cracked open to be filled with the stuffing. The mixture was mildly spiced and a little salty. The taste of corn was dominant. There was an accompanying sauce that added more heat to the appetizers. This dish was very different from anything I've had in the past and was quite enjoyable.

Next, we had the Jackfruit Masala ($7.75).

I am a huge fan of jackfruit and Streets Of India's version is top-notch. The texture was very meaty, yet was soft and easy to chew. It had a lovely bitterness and was coated in a scrumptious tomato sauce. This dish was the spiciest and packed an intense heat. Luckily, the dish came with brown rice, which toned it down a bit.

Next, I tried the soy Chicken Korma Curry ($8.75).

This dish was also very delicious. It was very creamy and had a rich tomato flavor. The spice was moderate and the seasonings were wonderful. The soy chicken was amazing, adding a lovely texture to the dish and a savory flavor. It also wasn't too chewy, as so many faux meats can be. The rice worked really well with this dish, sopping up the sauce perfectly.

Next, I tried the Saag Palak with soy lamb ($8.50).

This dish was the most mild of them all. The spinach was soft and soaked in a creamy sauce, loaded with flavor. It was perfectly seasoned and very tasty. The lamb worked very well with the spinach, adding a slight crunchiness to the dish and providing a meaty flavor.

To accompany the curries and help cool my mouth down from the spiciness of the meal, I had some naan bread ($2). Typically this bread is not vegan, but they used a whole wheat bread in place of their usual one.

The bread was pretty good. It had a light spice and was soft and slightly chewy. I would have liked for it to have had a little more flavoring and perhaps have been coated in a light oil.

Lastly, I had the Masala Dosa ($6.75).

The dosa was superb. The crepe had a subtle sweetness and was soft and delectable. The interior was mildly spiced and had a wonderful curried potato mixture. The chutneys and sambar soup added even more flavor, taking it over the top.

Overall, I loved my meal. The great thing about dining with a small group is that you get to try so many dishes. It very rare that I enjoy every dish I try, but I truly loved everything we ordered. The food is so flavorful and wonderfully spiced. With our $25 gift certificate, it cost us each $6 total. This is seriously an amazing deal. I cannot wait to return again soon and try more of their scrumptious food!

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