Friday, March 25, 2011

AMAZING Events This Weekend!!

Just wanted to share some amazing events going on this weekend related to all things vegan. First, there are two great food events, as posted by the lovely quarrygirl.  On Saturday, take a free yoga class at lululemon in Sherman Oaks at 9 am, then head on over to Figueroa Produce for a delicious match meat barbeque. I've never had this stuff before, but I've heard from others that it closely replicates the real thing and of course is completely cruelty free! Figueroa Produce is located in Highland Park and the event will be taking place from 12-5 pm.

Next, on Sunday, choose between various complimentary yoga classes at the lulu stores in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, or Brentwood, or for more of a challenge head to South Bay for a cardio barre class. After you sweat, head over to Savyon in West LA for an all-you-can-eat vegan lunch buffet from 11:30-4 pm. The buffet features an array of healthy and delicious Mediterranean fare and is only $8.99!

I'll be spending this weekend working up an appetite for all this cheap, yummy food! I can't wait!


  1. No way... I wish there were more vegan buffets for that cheap =o ugh I love not worrying about whether this or that is vegan:) I'm not sure if I'll be able to make this one (made plans) but if I do I'll def let you know! Is this every Sunday?

  2. I believe they're thinking about doing this buffet weekly, it just depends on how successful it is tomorrow. There are other buffets that are really cheap in LA that are completely vegan. Both Nyala and Rahel's in Ethiopia town offer lunch buffets during the week for $7 and $8, respectively. I'm really hoping this will become weekly, though, because LA needs more vegan buffets!