Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wacky Wednesday Burrito Madness at Hugo's Tacos!

Last week, I posted my love for Wednesdays with a great deal at the salad bar at Whole Foods. This week, the madness continues at Hugo's Tacos for half off burritos! This is an amazing deal not to be missed and happens every Wednesday at both Hugo's Tacos locations in Studio City and Atwater Village from 7-10 pm.

This deal is top secret, known only by the members of the Hugo's Tacos e-club and fans of the facebook page. Each month, a "secret" word is sent out to these members to verbally redeem the un-coupon. I just want to briefly advise you all on the importance of joining as many e-newsletters as possible, whether it be for restaurants or fitness studios. It is the best way to find out about deals, get exclusive coupons and even free food! I created a separate email account just for this, to avoid getting a ton of spam in my personal email account. Joining the Hugo's Tacos e-club is a must or but at the very least become a "fan" of their facebook or twitter page (or just remember to check their pages for updates regularly).


My adventure to the taco stand tonight was wonderful. I had never been before and was surprised to see what appeared to be a regular fast food joint turn into a vegan mecca. Almost everything on the menu could be made vegan! I opted for the burrito, obviously, since that's what I came for. There are two vegan options: mixed veggies or soy chorizo, potato and zucchini. I chose the latter. It also comes with a choice of salsa and I picked the salsa negra.

The burrito was massive and very filling! It normally cost $6 but with the deal, I only paid $3. The contents of the burrito were savory and spicy. The soyrizo was delicious and had a great texture, not too chewy. The potatoes had the strongest flavor and were well-spiced. I love that Hugo's Tacos is so creative with their menu options. I normally would not have thought to put potatoes and zucchini in a burrito, but it gave it a healthier taste and complimented the rice and beans nicely. There were so many ingredients in that burrito which made it that much more enjoyable to eat and made me wonder how something so damn good could possibly be so cheap!

Hugo's Tacos is already so reasonably priced for their high quality food, so take advantage of this amazing burrito deal! Even ordering the other regularly priced menu items will still save you money in comparison to more pricey restaurants, such as their sister restaurant, Hugo's, across the street. I can't wait to eat that burrito again! There's nothing like it anywhere else!

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