Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Savvy Buffet at Savyon

A few days ago, I posted about an all vegan lunch buffet at Savyon. When I first found out about the buffet, I immediately cleared my schedule for the day to make sure I would be there. I LOVE buffets. They are just so magical and I always feel like a little kid discovering Disney World for the first time, when I fill up my first plate of food. Unfortunately, there are so few vegan buffets in Los Angeles and even the so-called vegan-friendly ones really aren't that tempting. I must say the trip to Savyon was so worth it and it was one of the best buffets I've been to, vegan or not and only cost $9!

The buffet featured so many different dishes, from roll your own falafel wraps to a stuffed pita sandwich to some spicy dolmas and smooth hummus and even a pasta bar. It featured such an eclectic array of items, yet they all worked so well together. There were both hot and cold dishes to add variety. What I really loved about it is everything was very tasty but also healthy and unprocessed, so I was able to eat a lot without feeling disgusting afterwards. I also got my fill of fruits and veggies and even legumes. I got about three platefuls and a bowl of hearty lentil soup.

 My favorites were definitely the stuffed pita sandwich filled with pesto and veggie spread which was so scrumptious along with the sweet and refreshing avacado-mango salad. I also loved the oily cooked potatoes and the creamy vegetable curry dish and found myself loading up on these items. Overall, everything was just so delicious. I was sad when I found out I missed the veggie wraps, so next time I will be sure to go to the buffet earlier (I went around 2 pm). The staff were also super friendly and continuously came over to my table to make sure I was enjoying the food, which I definitely was! I really hope they offer this buffet again in the future as it was superb and the offerings were beyond what I had imagined them to be. It would be great to have more vegan buffets!


  1. As of July 2011, Savyon Cafe has made some changes to their buffet. It is no longer an all-vegan buffet. They have added some vegetarian and some meat dishes to their buffet and raised the price to $12.99. See their website for more info: http://www.savyoncafe.com/

  2. Thanks for the comment, Tony. I heard about this and was very upset that they are getting rid of the Vegan buffet. It was so great to have a completely Vegan buffet that had such an eclectic offering. I only went to the buffet once and am sad I won't be able to go again. My hope is that their new buffet won't do well and they will realize the former buffet is better.