Sunday, March 27, 2011

Perfection at Purgatory Pizza

It's weird. I used to HATE pizza. The mere thought of it disgusted me and made me feel nauseous. I didn't always hate pizza. In fact, the incident that caused me to loathe it was a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. I already wasn't feeling well, but my dad dragged me anyway. When the characters came out to sing "happy birthday", they brought out the pizza to serve to us. I always regret eating that slimy piece all soaked in grease. It only took one piece before I found myself clenching my stomach, running to the nearest bathroom.

I know that isn't the greatest story, but it kept me from eating pizza for the longest time. I actually didn't get over my hatred of pizza until I was in college and discovered that not all pizzas resemble the typical unhealthy chain pizza. I found that pizza can taste amazing with the cheese melting perfectly on top of a savory sauce, especially when it is extra gooey, coming straight out of the oven. I think my love of cheese made it really difficult for me to go vegan. In fact, I remember telling my friends that I would NEVER go vegan. I just loved cheese too much! And after finally realizing the amazingness of pizza, I just couldn't give it up! That was until daiya came out. Daiya changed everything for me...

So this post is to show how delicious vegan pizza can be and of course introduce a really great pizzeria that is super vegan friendly (and has great deals too!). I had heard about Purgatory Pizza from some vegan friends and of course read about it on my favorite vegan blog, I had wanted to go for the longest time, so when I saw them post a deal on Town Hog for $15 for $30 worth of food, I immediately snatched a voucher for myself. A few months later, I finally got around to using it and I regret not going sooner! At first glance, the neighborhood seemed really sketchy. It's located east of downtown, I believe, and the buildings have a rugged appeal. Nevertheless, once we were inside the restaurant, I felt really safe, especially with the cute artwork painted on the wall.

We decided to order two large pizzas, which ended up being way too much and left us feeling really stuffed (although somehow we did manage to eat it all). The first pizza was the "Field of Dreams": field roast sausage, spinach, artichoke hearts, olives for $20. We opted to add pesto for an extra $1. The second pizza was "Thor's Thundering BBQ": gardein chicken, bbq sauce, onions and pineapple for $20. Each pizza was distinct in its own way. The "Field of Dreams" was very savory with the creamy pesto sauce to balance out the well-spiced and chewy field roast. The pesto was my favorite part and I wish they had coated the pizza with even more because it was just so scrumptious. I equally enjoyed the bbq chicken pizza. The barbeque sauce was really sweet, but not sickeningly so and the addition of the pineapples took it to a whole other level. The chicken also worked really well and was chewy but not too tough, as some faux meats can be. The daiya cheese on both was melted perfectly and closely resembled real cheese. I think the two pizzas really complimented one another. I found myself switching between the two to balance out the intense flavors in my mouth.

If you haven't been to Purgatory Pizza yet, you are definitely missing out! I'm not sure when they'll be posting another deal, as the Town Hog deal was the first I've seen from them, but they have really great coupons at the register. They vary from 2 medium 2 topping pizzas $11 each, to $2 off any large pizza. Be sure to support this amazing pizzeria and take advantage of their great discounts!

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