Sunday, March 6, 2011

Green Beauty Post

When I was younger, the kids at school used to call me "pizza face". No, it had nothing to do with my immense love of food, but the red skin blotches that coated my face (acne). I sought professional help through a dermatologist, tried various medications, but nothing seemed to help. It wasn't until I discovered the natural, organic line that magically appeared at a new grocery store, not too far from my house. I tore through the shelves to find a product that sounded like it might finally give me the skin I desired. I came to realize my skin problems may have been caused by all the harmful chemicals that are in so many of the products I normally use (and even the ones that claim to be gentle that my derm recommended). As I put that natural/organic moisturizer on my face the first time, I felt this amazing sensation. My skin didn't feel tight or burning, as it did with so many of the generic products I used, but I could feel my skin absorbing it. It's so funny that I get compliments on my skin now, when I would always mask my face in layers of coverup and foundation and now I rarely put a drop on it!

The problem with natural/organic products is that they tend to be pricey, WAY more pricey than standard items are.  I recently had a convo with a friend in which she told me her frustrations of purchasing these items because they are out of her budget.  My response was, "seriously, you pay full price for that stuff?" She looked at me funny and I told her, "yeah, you can go to whole foods OR you can buy it for way cheaper somewhere else." Where is the somewhere else, you ask?

My first recommendation is That place is AMAZING. I constantly am finding discount codes for them, plus if you're a new customer the shipping is free if you spend $25. always publishes the codes. On top of this, the natural items almost always seem to be on sale. And they don't just sell beauty items. They have household items, personal items, vitamins, pretty much everything a drugstore would have only tons of hard to find items at cheap prices! There's also This place is constantly on groupon, plus they have pretty frequent sales. I've never used the site, but my parents had a great experience with it buying seventh generation products.

I also really like Costco a lot. Their inventory constantly changes, but they frequently have natural/organic items nestled between generic brands. A couple years ago I paid only 20 dollars for 6 big items of alba botanica and that stuff is expensive! Another place I really love and use a lot is Bed, Bath and Beyond. They mark down the prices from the retail price and on top of that you can use 20% off coupons. Not many people seem to know you can use a coupon per item and on top of that you can also use the 5 dollar off coupon! At that rate, your item is almost free! Other stores where you can find these items really cheap are stores like Ross and Marshalls. Just be sure to get one that isn't dirty, as some of the items may have been tampered with.

Let me know of any other places I may have missed!

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