Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Magical Margarita Monday

You can probably tell how much I love happy hours. I constantly find myself seeking them out. A favorite of mine is Margarita Mondays at Acapulco Restaurant. In college, I frequented this joint for their flavorful and cheap boozy drinks. Acapulco is a chain restaurant in California with a convenient location to me in Westwood. They have an amazing happy hour every Monday with the margaritas costing less than $3. Unlike other happy hours I go to, their margaritas are fruity and frothy, yet have a strong kick of tequila. As my friend/dining partner describes them, "like a boozy slushy". They have a great mixture of sweetness and tanginess to them that works really well.

The food at Margarita Monday, is unfortunately not vegan friendly. The only vegan option I believe is guacamole. We devoured the complimentary, freshly-made chips and salsa and our waiter kept bringing us more. The salsa is delicious and well-spiced and the chips have a nice crunch to them. I have gone to many Mexican restaurants where they are stale, but the chips at Acapulco are consistently good. At the end of the night, I got a great buzz and my stomach was happy, for less than $3! My only "green" suggestion is for Acapulco to replace the plastic cups they use for the margaritas with a glass cup (like the one pictured above). It is way more eco-friendly and would give the restaurant more class. Make sure you order your margarita "blended" (if you like it that way of course) and give in to many free refills of chips and salsa! Mondays don't have to suck anymore!

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